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Scale Back the Noise to Find the Good Stuff

My 2015 reboot includes trimming back on email, Twitter and podcast content. I think this might be a good process to do at the end and beginning of each year because it frees up mental space and makes it easier… Continue Reading →

My Best Podcast Listening Tips

I didn’t really get the value of podcasts until I started exercising more and changing my associations with tedious work (one of those Tony Robbins techniques that make a lot of sense).  Working out can be pretty boring.  It feels… Continue Reading →

Fifteen Hundred Feet in the Air

I wonder if these guys ever get used to being so high off the ground? Pretty cool use of a drone.

Starting Off 2015 | January Goals

It’s embarrassing not to have posted anything in December 2014 after being so consistent in November 2014. December taught me that it isn’t always possible to make it happen. Sometimes enough impediments pile up that no matter how strong your… Continue Reading →

Morning Questions

In the post about my Evening Routine I shared the questions I ask myself as I wrap up the day and do some quick journaling. Along the way the evening questions inspired the idea of questions for my Morning Routine… Continue Reading →

Prototyping is Not Wasting Time

I hate wasting time and I often have the unrealistic expectation that processes should be efficient. It’s easy to think that prototyping is a waste of time and inefficient, but it’s not. Here’s an interesting quote of a quote from… Continue Reading →

Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

I’m convinced that if we focus on finding and building the best version of ourselves it makes everything else better, including ourselves. Using others as a benchmark has a place, but more often it is a race to bottom. We… Continue Reading →

Simple Time Tracking Matrix

I’ve always loved the elegance and simplicity of this time tracking matrix. Ten or more years ago I discovered it in what looked like a dry book on time management. I have no idea what the name of the book… Continue Reading →

Morning Routine

Thanks to The Morning Miracle I’ve landed in some pretty good routines for the past couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, every day is not a magical carpet ride, and that’s okay. In a given week, one or two… Continue Reading →

Tighter Writing

Is it just me or does the use of the word can make sentences weaker? The longer I edit blog posts for and the more I read about tight writing and good content the more I see patterns of… Continue Reading →

Evening Routine

Yesterday I shared that my daily routine that begins with The Morning Miracle. Today I wanted to go into more depth about my evening routine. It’s not as well established as my morning routine and subject to more unpredictability and… Continue Reading →

Today the Streak Broke

No, not my 30 days of blogging goal, but the streak that has been 60+ “Miracle Mornings” in a row. Today I woke from a deep sleep at 5:30 a.m. and got up at 5:35 a.m. For the past 65… Continue Reading →

You Can’t Teach the WHY

I witnessed an interesting conversation the other day. Some folks were going back and forth on how to make a product better and one person suggested Simon Sinkek’s TED Talk. The interesting thing about watching the conversation unfold was how… Continue Reading →

How I Execute My Mission

In a previous post I talked about my mission (the WHY). This post talks about HOW I live out my mission. The WHAT of my mission would the out come of doing the different HOWs.  Are you with me? Chris… Continue Reading →


In this particular chapter in Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action by Simon Sinek, he talks about trust and how trust forms a critical foundation for innovation and success. None of this is surprising to… Continue Reading →

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