The Fear Tax by Seth Godin–Are we shipping Fedora or are we focusing on just in case scenarios like 100% elected governance bodies?

Five Principles of Civil Dialogue by Donald Miller–I really like point #4:  Every person has sovereignty and a right to their beliefs.  To which I’d add, “regardless of what they are or how much I might disagree with them.”

12 Things Good Bosses Believe by Robert I. Sutton–Even if you aren’t a people manager, these are still great things to think about.

7 Discipline-builders for Remote Workers by Georgina Laidlaw–Working from home is a lot harder than conference calls in your pajamas and getting to see your family all the time.

Blogging 101: Take a Tip from Newswriting with the Five W’s by Joe Brockmeier–Great reminder to always provide context even if you assume your audience knows.  Not everyone knows what the Fedora Project is.

Five Recent Resonations is a periodic post with five pieces of media that resonated with me.