This conversation with Ron Renaud (coach, author, podcaster, and trainer) explores the topics of truth, freedom, personal growth, taking responsibility and more.

Topics Discussed

  • Tough love for the purpose of growth
  • Being faithful to the role you are in
  • Clarity and truth as guideposts to helping people grow
  • Speaking the hard truth and being willing to accept it
  • The law of compensation
  • Are you creating “more heaven” or “more hell” in the world?
  • Cleaning up and taking responsibility for the messes we create
  • Internal and external freedom
  • Natural rights and responsibilities
  • Combatting the notion of “not having enough time”
    • When will enough by enough?
    • Get really clear on what your roles are–write them out
  • Making the world better starts with you cleaning up your own act and working on yourself
  • Consciously choosing “no”
  • Chris Brogan’s “Going on a Media Diet
  • Books and Suggested Resources
  • How to stay on course
    • Avoid making the “exceptions” the “rules” of our lives
    • Victim vs. responsible
  • Ways to be on the lookout for a”victim mindset” creeping in
    • “I have a good reason to make an exception now”
    • Keeping the agreements we make with ourselves
    • “It’s his fault”
    • “It should be different”

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