Getting off track happens in just about every area of life. It’s inevitable that things are going to get off track and not go as planned. The key to overall success is how you get going again when you have a setback. Here are some ideas to get you restarted.


This quote from Michael Hyatt’s podcast episode “How to Develop More Discipline” has always stuck with me.

Nothing is more important than consistently restarting. That’s really the measure of success. Not the fact that you start and you have a linear progression towards a goal and achieve it without any setbacks. That almost never happens to anyone who sets out to accomplish something big. It’s just part of the process that you are going to encounter adversity. At the end of the day it’s not really about what you accomplish, but it’s what you are becoming. It takes adversity to shape our character

Ways to Recover and Restart

  1. Allow time for thrash and whatever… it’s inefficient and that’s okay
  2. Tune up your todo list

  3. Think of the easiest thing you can do and do it

  4. Clean your office or workspace

  5. Just start on something and do it even if you aren’t sure if you have enough time

  6. Initiate a challenge

Other Resources

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