In February I learned to embrace the emotional roller coaster of building your own business. I was surprised how quickly a “low” could turn into a “high” and then back into a “low.”


  • I am dropping the “experiment” label from what I’m up to–I’m all in on this business building thing
  • Loving the ability to focus 100% on personal development work
  • What I did in February
  • What I Learned
    • The benefits of a break and the ability to focus–I’m getting getting clearer and clear on what I’m up to
    • The Entrepreneurial emotional roller coaster is all too real
      • Expect the emotional highs to be high and the lows to be low
      • Expect those emotions to change rapidly
    • The benefits of blowing off a whole day and getting out of town to reset
      • Cooper Spur Mountain Resort — A great affordable place to ski on the backside of Mount Hood, particularly if you buy the family pass
      • WAAM — Excellent Auto and Airplane museum in Hood River, Oregon
      • Could there be a way to get away at least one a month or every other month?
    • Things often take longer than they appear, but if you keep showing up, over time you’ll accomplish more than you think you can
    • Follow those “inklings” and get on the phone with people, even if you aren’t sure what you want to talk about
    • Just about anything can inform you–going for a walk with the recorder rolling to capture your thoughts
    • Feedback (positive and negative) is a gift
      • Speak to what isn’t working
      • Being bold with your coach can take things to the next level
  • Review of Monthly Themes
    • January – Start
      • Lay the foundation and let’s get rolling
      • Administration & Creation
      • Getting the house in order
    • February – Messaging
      • Continue foundation work
      • Heavy focus on messaging and what I’m about
      • Wrote and published my manifesto
        • Really fun to share with people–struck a chord with some
      • Interviewed various people that I could hire to upgrade my website
        • The time for doing it all myself is over
        • I came to the conclusion that what I really need is a designer
      • Finished coaching offers/packages
        • Much easier having gotten clear on message and what I’m offering
        • Providing as “packages” not “month to month” or “hourly”
      • Started updating web pages
    • March – Promote
      • Finish web page updates
      • Polish my new coaching/consulting/mentoring offering
      • Promote my message and enhance my presence on social platforms
    • April – We’ll see
      • Theme is less clear
      • Could be that we iterate through the previous loop (foundation –> message –> promote)
      • Drive traffic to established landing pages
      • Build mailing list and create some type of incentive to sign up for my list

If you are interested in doing work together, it all starts with a conversation to find out what you’re up to and how I might help. We’ll talk about a real situation you want to improve so you get a sense of what it’s like to work with me.


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