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Bringing the Cursor Back to Terminator

In my switch from Fedora to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) one of the things I lost was Terminator.  Even though it was in EPEL and installed without issue, the cursor wasn’t visible, making it hard to use.  For a… Continue Reading →

Part of Me is Leaving Fedora Planet

It seems like the right time to make this move.  I am not involved in Fedora to the extent I used to be so I’m removing my full blog feed from Fedora Planet. I like all the traffic Fedora Planet… Continue Reading →

Project Management Tip of the Day

Riffing on a theme from Rework… I believe the project management structure and process framework of team should be a little less than “just enough.”  Anything more wastes people’s time and becomes more about the process than shipping (thank you… Continue Reading →

Making Python Bugzilla Work

I’ve been a big fan of python bugzilla for a long time and used it often in Fedora to gather bugs for the release blocker meetings.  If you aren’t familiar with python bugzilla, it is a very useful library and… Continue Reading →

Try Out OpenShift Today

I couldn’t be prouder of today’s OpenShift (PAAS–Platform as a Service) cloud announcement by Red Hat. It’s not often that you get to be project manager on a release this big or exciting. It was a massive team effort involving… Continue Reading →

RIP Fedora Talk

I was sad to read Kevin Fenzi’s post about Fedora Talk closing down.  Fedora Talk was a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system running Asterisk, freely available to anyone with a Fedora account. I thought it was a great service with… Continue Reading →

GNOME Power Management Goes Too Far

From Richard Hughes’ blog on February 2, 2011, In GNOME 3.0, we’re defaulting to suspending the computer when the user shuts the lid, and not providing any preferences combobox to change this. This is what the UI designers for GNOME… Continue Reading →

Fedora Problems or Complaints?

I’m following Fedora from afar these days, mostly from the planet and occasionally through people I know at Red Hat.  Apparently some people are not happy with the direction Fedora is perceived to be going. This doesn’t come as a… Continue Reading →

2010 Fourth Quarter Goals

The fourth quarter of 2010 has come to an end as has the year, so it’s time for a final evaluation and wrap up of the year since the first and second, and third quarter check-ups.  Here’s how things went,… Continue Reading →


With less time to live on the edge in Fedora-land these days I went looking for less excitement by way of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for my Dell XPS M1330 laptop.  I was motivated to take a step back… Continue Reading →

Open Source Scheduling and Project Management Tools

I receive occasional queries for good open source project management and scheduling tools.  As you probably know by now, our scheduling tool of choice for Fedora is TaskJuggler.  TaskJuggler provides a great benefit to Fedora in its flexibility as a… Continue Reading →

Fedora 12 RIP

Last week, as part of the Fedora 14 Bugzilla Housekeeping process, all open Fedora 12 bugs were closed. Fedora 12 is now officially end-of-life (EOL).  This means that no new bugs are accepted for Fedora 12, and updates, including security fixes, will… Continue Reading →

Distraction and Empathy

A few months back The New York Times ran a series of articles about our immersion in technology.  They were really interesting if not a little convicting and ironic to find them via Twitter. Set aside ten minutes and read… Continue Reading →

Community At Community Conferences

I attended WordCamp Portland 2010, a conference about blogging and WordPress. There were two sessions tracks and an unconference track.  At a couple of the session times, none of the track offerings looked interesting, but I picked one anyway.  Without… Continue Reading →

Fedora 15 Release Date Is Set

Updated 2011-04-09: Click on the schedule above to navigate to the actual schedule.  As of today, Fedora 15 is scheduled to GA on 2011-05-24. It’s official.  Yesterday, FESCo approved the Fedora 15 schedule with a release date of May 10,… Continue Reading →

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