How do you move forward when you aren’t sure what to do next? How do you escape the trap of continuing to need more information before you make your next move? You move.



  • It’s tempting to want 100% clarity before taking action and yet that clarity often only comes by taking action
  • The benefits of perspective from other people
    • Coach
    • Mentor
    • Someone that’s not you
  • Deep planning can be a huge procrastination trap because there is no way to 100% know the future and unexpected things come up 99% of the time (that’s a made up statistic)
    • Strange to hear from a project manager
    • Overly-detailed plans can be a waste of time
    • I’ve rarely (never?) created a WBS (work breakdown structure) for a project
    • I’ve never managed a project to a Gantt chart
  • Planning is one of the best, sneakiest procrastination tools of all
  • The story of how John got into podcasting, met Stephen Warley of Life Skills That Matter and produced other podcasts
  • When you have an inkling
    • Start moving
    • Make it small
    • Define success in small ways
    • Give it time to grow
    • Keep showing up on a consistent basis
      • Even if you doubt it’s quality
      • Even if you aren’t sure where it’s going
      • Clarity comes as you iterate and following the inklings before you
    • Work in Themes
  • Mike Vardy has a whole methodology around theming–look for him in a future podcast
  • If you are working towards a larger goal, consider theming your:
    • Days
    • Weeks
    • Months
    • Year


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