This morning (7 AM local time) we had the Fedora 11 retrospective.  I thought it went pretty well and people on the phone seemed to enjoy it.  If you didn’t enjoy it or have ideas for making future retrospectives better email me privately or add to the wiki.  I want these events to be meaningful and I welcome your constructive criticism.

Notes from the meeting are at  You can also participate by adding your own thoughts to the wiki page.

We don’t do a lot of verbal real-time communication in Fedora so I enjoy these calls because you get an opportunity to see other sides of people that do not come out in mailing lists or IRC.  The volume of information that can be shared and exchanged in a short amount of time is also exponentially greater.

Thanks again to all the people who participated and gave their time.  It will help us to make Fedora 12 the best release ever!