Here’s what I learned, experienced and accomplished in month #1 of “The Experiment.”

Accomplishments, Experiences & Learning

  • A lot of this getting started / setup stuff takes a lot longer than you think
  • Meeting lots of people virtually and in person takes lots of time
    • Use Trello as a CRM to keep track of the people I talk to, topics, next date to contact, etc.
  • Getting lots of foundational things done—different kinds of insurance, estate planning, etc.
  • Recorded four new episodes for this podcast to establish continuity
    • Going forward my goal is to publish an episode at least every other week
  • It takes time and experimentation to determine what the right volunteer situations are and if the return-on-investment has the right mix
  • Mastermind meeting in Los Angeles with Rick Tamlyn was fantastic
    • Personal ownership is going to be a big theme of the work I’m doing—see my new manifesto about what I believe
    • Personal development, human potential and personal ownership is the focus of my work while downplaying the term “coaching”
    • I went away with a ton of things to work out and ways to build out the things I’m working on
    • Overwhelm and chaos are positive contributors to learning
    • I may reinvest in the podcasting space with a pivot towards more consulting around getting started and establishing workflows for high volume production
  • I got really clear about what I believe by writing down 100+ things that I believe
    • Turned that into a page on my website
    • Will also filter into the various offerings I provide
  • Also continuing to wrap up my certification as a coach for (completed!)
  • It takes a lot of time to get started, but you just have to do it and get started
    • Sometimes that means simply sitting down and grinding it out
  • Zoom is a pretty solid video meeting platform and I’m using it for a lot of meetings
    • people like to complain about them all
    • seems better than BlueJeans and Google+
  • Theming my weeks and months is going to become incredibly important to prioritize and avoid overwhelm
    • Be sure to check out a future episode I’m doing with Mike Vardy
  • You can’t do this stuff in a vacuum and to maximize my time and efforts I’ve hired a new coach
    • It’s a conscious mixture of consulting, business development, mentoring and coaching
    • Helping me stay focused and accountable
    • It’s expensive which I’m as a motivator and means of accountability
  • I made a conscious decision to STOP attending free online training courses and webinars and get things done instead!
    • When it’s time to double down on learning in the future I will
    • For now, I know what to do.  I simply need to do it!
  • I have the best energy, concentration and insights at the start of the day
    • The best deep work happens first thing
    • Putting more boundaries around my time to make sure the right things are getting done at the right times.
      • Changed up my coaching schedule
      • Moving more meetings and networking calls to the afternoon when cognition isn’t as great


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