More from Everything That Remains on p. 65

I’ve always claimed that my priorities are grandly important activities like spending time with family or exercising or carving out enough time alone to write.  But they’re not.  Until I actually put these pursuits first, until I make these understandings part of my everyday routine, they are not my actual priorities.

This is going to change. Starting today. My priorities are what I do each day, the small tasks that move forward the second and minute hands on the clock.  These circadian endeavors are my musts. Everything else is simply a should.

I really like this. It squares with my work around my mission statement.  As I think clearly about my mission it’s easier to run things through it’s filter.  What I also like about this quote is that the way we spend our time in reality is really where our values and priorities are–not where we say or wish they were.