die-emptyI’m reading more from Die Empty. This is all kind of common sense type stuff, but it’s good to be reminded of these things in such succinct ways. From page 58:

The key takeaway is this: To avoid aimlessness, you have to stand for something. Don’t allow aimlessness to rob you of years of your life. You will ultimately be remembered for–and your body of work will be built upon–the battles you chose to spend your time fighting. Act with urgency and diligence today to define your through line and your battles, then carefully allocate your focus, time, and energy on things that matter to you. There are battles that only you are equipped to fight, and while I can’t tell you what they are, I suspect you probably already know at least some of them. We need you to act, and we need you do it now. Run to the battle.

I’m contemplating this in light of a bunch of work I did recently to nail down my personal mission statement.

What do you think–should a personal mission statement be shared publicly or is it something so special and unique you should keep it to yourself or only share with those closest to you?