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Uncertainty and Security

More good stuff from Everything That Remains, this time from pages 114 and 115. We hold on to jobs we dislike because we believe there’s security in a paycheck. We stay in shitty relationships because we think there’s security in… Continue Reading →


More from Everything That Remains on p. 65 I’ve always claimed that my priorities are grandly important activities like spending time with family or exercising or carving out enough time alone to write.  But they’re not.  Until I actually put… Continue Reading →

Avoiding Aimlessness

I’m reading more from Die Empty. This is all kind of common sense type stuff, but it’s good to be reminded of these things in such succinct ways. From page 58: The key takeaway is this: To avoid aimlessness, you… Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want to Care What You Do

I’m not sure where I heard about Everything That Remains: A memoir by the minimalists by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.  I don’t even recall requesting it at the library, but one day they told me my request had… Continue Reading →

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