I appreciated Kevin Fenzi’s post on Knowing Vs. Doing and it pushed me to clarify the thinking behind my original post.

Kevin has a great point that there can be a lot of enjoyment from “knowing” and acquiring knowledge to which I would add, “even if there is no plan for what you will do with that knowledge.”  There is nothing wrong with that.

I want to be a person of greater forward progress and accomplishment.  These are two things that I value.  I also value knowledge.  I’ve found, however, that when I place all my value on knowledge things get lopsided–more and more time gets invested in “wanting to know” and the resistance to “doing” gets higher.

This makes me wonder if the discussions in the Fedora Project are too focused on “being right” before “doing.” Mitch Joel had a recent article along similar lines called Complaining vs. Doing.  I’m hoping for more “doing” and less talking, arguing, and complaining.

No one is required to share my values of forward progress, accomplishment, and knowledge.  I do think it is important to consider the affect our values might be having on the Fedora Project.  If someone places a high value on arguing and debate, does that create an environment for a pleasant, sustainable Fedora Project?

Someone could equally argue my values of forward progress and accomplishment are detrimental to the Fedora Project, though if I thought that were true, naturally I would not focus on them.

What do you value most as it relates to the Fedora Project and what are you doing about it?