This video called Auto Tuning makes me laugh every time I watch it.

And I’ve watched it several because because I’ve been “Blake” more times than I can remember.  It is a hilarious illustration and reminder of how challenging some folks make it to get information.

I thought of it too in light of the Fedora release readiness meetings where representatives from each team are friendly, positive, and helpful which means we usually finish in 60 minutes or less!  The minutes from the last meeting are here. We’ll have one more release meeting before the GA release.  The dates are all on the schedule.

This isn’t to say all areas of the Fedora Project are perfect or that people like Jack (character in the video) don’t exist. I just hope we can keep it the exception and not the norm.

I wonder if there would be a way to hook up auto tune to Fedora Talk? 🙂