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YAYOG Builds Muscle and Confidence

One of the things I love about You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG) is that it doesn’t throw you in the deep end.  Yes, some of the initial work outs are hard and it maybe difficult to complete all of… Continue Reading →

Never Too Late to Get in Shape

After watching Arthur Boorman’s inspiring video I came across the Bar Brothers (above) when YouTube tantalized me with something else to watch.  I was amazed at their journey and what they could do.  It inspired me to think, What if I was… Continue Reading →

Restarting Is Fundamental To Success

This video inspired me to get intentional about exercising and building strength. More and more I’m embracing the idea that it is never too late to start or re-start.  Michael Hyatt talked about re-starting in a recent podcast about being more disciplined.  The… Continue Reading →

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