Two weeks ago at the FESCo meeting we did our third post mortem of the feature process, made a few minor tweaks to the process, and started accepting features for Fedora 11 this week! This is our best start yet for the feature process because we have never started reviewing and accepting features for the next release (Fedora 11) before the current release (Fedora 10) ships.  Streamlining the tracking process back in August with Paul Frields’ help made this easier to track.

If you are working on something new and exciting and want to make sure it brings attention to Fedora and the people working on it, please consider creating and submitting a feature page.  It doesn’t take that long to do and I will be glad to personally guide you through the process if you have questions.  My contact information is here.

See for the accepted Fedora 11 features we have so far.  This is not a guarantee of which features will be in Fedora 11, but it does give a good idea of what people are working on or might want help with.