It struck me today that as the Fedora Feature Wrangler I mostly focus on the things that are wrong or missing and then nag people until they get fixed. I just finished going over the list of Fedora 11 features one more time to call out the feature pages that aren’t quite in order for Feature Freeze. FESCo will review them at their meeting tomorrow (2009-03-06).

It hit me that we’ve got a lot of great things going on in Fedora 11 and that on the whole, a good number of features are close to completed. I sent the following message to FESCo following the list of feature pages to be reviewed:

Overall, this is the largest feature list we’ve ever had AND the highest percentage completion across the board for features at this time in the release cycle… realizing in advance that percentage of completion is not the exact science it may appear to be. So if the feature pages are accurate this could really be setting us up for a lot of finished content for the beta and a longer than usual run way to test it all before we call it GA. Great job to all the developers and maintainers!

Check out the Fedora 11 feature list for yourself!  And the next time you see a Fedora developer or package maintainer tell them how much you appreciate their hard work.  I know I definitely don’t do it enough!  The same goes for Release Engineering, Documentation, Translation, Infrastructure, QA, Bug Triage, Translation, Ambassadors, Marketing, and any other group I missed.