Here’s a riff on what I’ve been learning since the last update and my challenge to consider different perspectives around the notion of time.



  • Learning can come from anything, including things that don’t happen
  • Bouncing between lots of different tasks and projects is tiring and unsatisfying
  • Decluttering pro-tip: take everything out of a particular close and only return the stuff that is staying
  • Taking the whole week of spring off was just what I needed
  • Are you “creating” or “reacting” ?
    • Creating is better
    • You can’t do both at the same time
    • Reacting is exhausting
  • The collective power of a group of people to give input into your life and business from the mastermind format
  • Embracing the ups and downs (being with them) instead of trying to make them go away as quickly as possible
    • Removing and avoiding personal judgment
    • Staying out of the comparison game to other people
  • Going for a walk and giving your brain a problem to solve on that walk
  • Three important topics that came from my walk
    • Relationships
    • Business building
    • Time & Rest
  • Missing conviction and commitment to my revenue goal for 2018
  • I’m having an upcoming Zoom call for people that want “more” from their life or business
  • Doubling down on theming my work
  • What does it mean if there’s something you want, but you aren’t consistently working to get it?


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