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Expanding Perspectives Around Time (47)

Here’s a riff on what I’ve been learning since the last update and my challenge to consider different perspectives around the notion of time.

Meetings Aren’t For Collecting Status

One of the compliments I received a few weeks ago was an appreciation for my efficient meetings. I was never sure if anyone noticed or cared. In this spirit, when I kicked off my first program meeting with the Red… Continue Reading →

Respecting Time and Attention

I love the beauty and rebound affect of sharing information.  I posted about Merlin Mann’s talk at Rutgers and James remind me that I had given him the idea of keeping separate question lists for different people a long time… Continue Reading →

Time and Attention

In a previous post I talked about using time.  It is a topic I think about a lot because it often feels in short supply.  I know a good part of this is my own doing.  I value a lot of things… Continue Reading →

Time, Netflix, Drifting and Coffee

Cable TV is a waste of money to me. I don’t have time for it and other things are more important. I can’t bring myself to pay $70+ dollars a month for content I wouldn’t would watch very much and… Continue Reading →

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