I don’t enjoy hearing the internal speaker beep every time I perform an illegal action on the keyboard.  After failing to find anywhere to disable it–previously System/Preferences/Hardware/Sound took care of this–a series of searches on Google landed me at bugzilla 471582.

I didn’t see this listed as a known Fedora 10 issue so here is how to fix it as described in the bug report.

As root:

# rmmod pcspkr
# echo "blacklist pcspkr" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

(Update 2009-01-26): I had no idea people would be so excited about this topic on planet.fedoraproject.org. Karsten aptly points out that this is described in the release notes–which I did search.  I was looking for “system bell” as that was the label of check box item that could be disabled in Fedora 9.  It still doesn’t make sense to me why it was removed from the GUI, but if I were to suggest a release note for this it would be to note the loss of functionality in the GUI from the previous release and then reference the CLI “fix”.