successI first got the idea of clearly defining success from Tony Robbins. It changes so much. The best part about defining your own success is that since it is YOUR definition you can define it anyway you like.

If you are a recovering perfectionist like me, defining success is a great way to loosen its hold, and decide beforehand what “good enough” will be. Then when you reach “good enough” you’ve been successful!

For my 30 day blogging challenge I defined “success” as publishing at least one sentence a day. Someone else could disagree with my definition of success for my blogging challenge and say it is too easy or too hard or whatever. It doesn’t matter. This is for me, not for them.

One person teased me that I was achieving my challenge by quoting other people. And maybe on some days quoting people made for an easier post, however I’m meeting success in the way I defined it. That’s the important part.

In Die Empty, Todd Henry pushed things a step forward and suggested defining failure in addition to success. This can make a profound difference.

I recently heard someone define “failure” in a great way. For them, failing was not failing to achieve a particular goal. For them, failure was to stop trying.

Anyone out there have special definitions you’ve created for success or failure?