November is National Novel Writing Month. I love the idea of this project and some year I will dive in and take the challenge and do it.  I first heard about National Writing Month at WordCamp PDX in 2012 in an interesting talk Laura Kimball did about blogging every day.

There is an excellent picture of my balding head along with the the QR code for OpenShift and a video of Laura’s talk here.  One idea Laura shared that’s always stuck with me is using a month of daily blog posting to relaunch or energize your writing. I like this idea too because it re-enforces the idea of shipping.

I have over 70 draft posts and probably another 70 post ideas in my head. This seems like a great way to get them out and prime the engine.  For November 2014, I’m setting a personal goal of publishing a blog post each day before 11:59 p.m.

So, here it is. Day #1 is complete.

Anyone out there want to join me in this challenge? You don’t have to write 30 profound posts, all you have to do is publish something that is at least a sentence long, each day.

Leave me a comment if you are in!