John and Tina Robinson, CEO of WorkJoy, LLC, explore the notion of “coping” and nuances of what it means as it relates to handling situations or problems in our lives. Tina is saving the world by transforming how we think and feel about “work.”

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  • Coaching is a powerful mechanism to engage change in people’s lives
  • When coaching isn’t working, client and coach have a responsibility to name it and take a time-out
  • How would you define the notion of “coping?”
  • Coping has positive and negative sides
  • The importance of the client’s definition of a term and not the coach’s–get curious!
  • What are you choosing?
    • Not being at choice is often an indicator of something that needs to be explored
  • Take an extreme imaginary perspective that your situation has turned out amazing and work backwards from there to figure out what some constructive steps might be
  • Using personal values or life purpose as a way to explore what’s important and discover ways to rise above the situation and make it positive
  • Acknowledging and appreciating personal preferences without judgement
  • Getting unstuck requires an internal or external change
    • Internal = mindset
    • External = environment or circumstances
  • If we aren’t willing to make an internal or external change we will be stuck
  • Gradual changes or nudges might be the best approach vs. a radical transformation
  • Sometimes self-care is an important first step
  • Coaching is more than a “Jedi mind trick” and everyone should consider it, says Tina

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