I sent the message below to fedora-test-list@redhat.com, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to get the word out here too.  General information about Fedora bug triage is here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers or feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks to those of you that came to the bug triage session at FUDCon a couple of Saturdays back.  Hopefully it was helpful and you’d still like to join us.  Things have gotten slightly better here http://tinyurl.com/4cavl2 but we still need your help!

Our weekly bug triage meeting hasn’t happened for several weeks and we’d like to resume them again.  Some of us were tied up with other things and some people were unable to make the time.  Also after having a few meetings with one or two people it seemed unclear how best to proceed.

So…. we know there are a lot of people interested in bug triage but past meeting attendance hasn’t been  good so we’d like to try and fix that.  At least two or three people sign up for the ‘fedorabugs’ group every day so there is a disconnect there somewhere we need to fix.  And if you think weekly meetings aren’t the way to go and there is a better way to proceed please put it forward.

I’ve created a matrix on this page https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/Meetings/Scheduler to help figure out a good time for people.  PLEASE add your IRC nick or initials to the best slots that work for you.

I’m hoping we can gather together a core group of people that will meet each week to talk about bug triage, ways to improve process, and tools to make it easier.

I’ve raised this idea a couple of times now (and generally been shot down), but since there has been little to no uptake in recent triage related post I’m going to keep trying 🙂 We made the decision back in January to keep triage stuff on fedora-test-list because we wanted the benefit of a larger audience of people that might be interested in helping with bug triage.  HOWEVER, I’m wondering if the “testing” audience and that “triage” audience really aren’t the same and as a result we are directing new bug triage folks to sign up for fedora-test-list where they receive 200 emails a week where only a small handful of them are related to bug triage.

Would there be better response to “bug triage related posts” if they were sent to a bug triage list only, and thus a very targeted audience of people interested in bug triage?

It is completely possible that items #1 and #2 are completely misdirected and that instead we should do ______________(you tell us). I’m simply writing this message because somehow we need to find a way to gather a core group of people around bug triage who can consistently work on bug triage, collaborate, and make Fedora better together by making sure our package maintainers have good bug reports to work with.  In doing so I believe we can encourage others to join in too.