The second quarter of 2010 has come to an end and it’s time to see how things have progressed since the first quarter check-up.

1. Weigh 170 lbs by December 31, 2010
As I noted at the end of March, this was an arbitrary amount.  My doctor says that I’m already at a healthy weight.  I’d still like to be a little leaner and have contemplated joining a local gym.  My current reasoning is that if I can’t find time for a 30 or 60 minute walk then I won’t find time to get to gym either. If I can start walking consistently I’ll think more seriously about joining the gym.  My new goal is to stay at 180 lbs.  My last weigh in was 183.4 so I’m 3.4 pounds over where 2009 ended.

2. Play 365 games of chess
I’m using the number of days in the year as a marker to track my progress.  At the end of March (91 days into the year) I’d played 92 games.  Since then things have trailed off.  Now I’ve completed 160 completed games, 181 days into the year.  Three hundred and sixty five games is still an achievable goal for this year.  I’m just going to need to be more intentional about playing a game or two each day.

3. Provide organization and leadership to closing the outstanding Fedora Board topics about Fedora’s strategic direction
My Fedora board term ended with the release of Fedora 13.  The Strategic Working Group (SWG) successfully worked through its list of unresolved issues and dissolved as planned.  This goal has been met.

4. Provide clear and consistent reminders to Fedora development about upcoming Fedora 13 milestones each week or as applicable
Reminders continued to go out through the end of Fedora 13 and start of Fedora 14.  The quality of these reminders will improve for some teams in Fedora 14 because of the time they spent adding more detail and tuning the names of the tasks.  We’ve also added new schedules for the Ambassadors and Spins SIG.  The title of this goal is changing to “Provide weekly reminders to each Fedora team so that Fedora 14 ships on time.”

I’ve received suggestions and the offer of help to add the schedule source files to a git repository in Fedora Hosted and also automate the creation and distribution of the weekly email reminders. We’ll see how far we get with that.

5. Help create 25 new Release Engineering SOPs
This goal did not get any love during the second quarter.  I’m banking on the fact that there are six months left in the year and all of Fedora 14 to use as a proving ground to create more SOPs.  There are fifteen more to do to meet my goal.

6. Post 52 times to this blog in 2010 with at least one post each week
Twenty-six weeks have elapsed in 2010. So far there are forty-seven posts in 2010 with at least one post each week.  Some weeks it looks like it is going to be hard to not break the weekly consistency streak.  Keeping a working backlog of partially completed articles and new ideas helps.

We’ll check in again on these goals again at the end of September 2010. How are your goals going for 2010?