Ryan McRae helps adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) live more effectively. Ryan explains how ADHD affects his life, how he deals with it, and the benefits he’s found from having it. He also explains how he helps people live above it.

Conversation Notes

  • ADHD comes in three flavors
    1) Inattentive
    2) Hyperactive
    3) Inattentive & Hyperactive (known as “combined”)
  • The importance of going to a clinician to get a professional diagnosis
  • Different ways ADHD can be managed
  • The advantages and blessings of ADHD
  • Ryan’s favorite information collection tool is Evernote
  • Ryan’s favorite newsletter is Recomendo
  • Give yourself some kindness and grace
    • Shame and condemnation is the dark side of ADHD
    • Shameful people are not productive.
    • Shameful people are not creative
  • Ryan loves having a Field Notes notebook and a pen for capture in the moment
    • It avoids the distraction barrier of using your phone in front of other people
  • The importance of capturing thoughts in the moment instead of putting it off
    • Quickly and efficiently in whatever form works
    • Voice memo, mind maps, Evernote, etc.
  • Make sure you have one single capture place


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