In this episode I share the experience of following an inkling I had and the ways I was rewarded. I also share a simple process for capturing your beliefs.



  • One from Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organization by Dee Hock
  • Dee Hock’s Twitter feed is full of wisdom
  • My version of “drunk dialing”
  • Self-management and living in the moment applies to good coaching and most areas of life
  • Stephen Warley at Life Skills That Matter
  • If you are are a solopreneuer people are likely “buying you”
  • The importance of being clear about what you believe
  • Clarity on our own beliefs builds resonance with others
  • Have you ever deeply respected another person that didn’t really stand for anything?
  • Steps to creating your own beliefs statement
    • Commit to the process
    • Distraction free
    • Water and snacks
    • Set period of time with a timer
    • Start an empty document with “I believe …” written at the top
    • Gather books and resources that inform you
    • Look at what’s underneath things that frustrate you
    • Write (without a filter) for a set amount of time
    • Group and distill the things you’ve written down
  • I’d love to see your beliefs if you’ d like to share them. Send them to me!
  • John’s Beliefs


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