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36: Get More From Your Coaching Session With an Agenda

If you want to have the best coaching session possible, prepare an agenda in advance. Not sure what to put on your agenda? Here are some ideas.

35: Questions to Ask About Meetings You Want to Hold

You’re thinking about holding and facilitating a meeting.  Here are some questions to determine if it is a good idea and how to plan for success.

29: Using People Maps to Understand Your Project

One of my favorite moments as a project manager was when two people told me it was impossible to draw a picture of all the people working the project. Here’s how I did it.

19: How to Succeed as a Remote Worker

Paul Frields joins the podcast to talk about working remotely and what it takes to succeed. John and Paul also discuss some of the misconceptions about remote work and how to overcome them.

18: Talking Red Hat, Meetings and Music with Paul Frields

In this wide-ranging conversation, John and guest Paul Frields, talk about working at Red Hat, how they got started with collaborative meeting minutes and Paul’s love of playing the bass.

17: How to Handle Dominant People at Meetings

This episode explores some techniques for facilitating meetings with stronger personalities or those that dominate the discussion too much.

14: What is Good Listening?

This episode explores the topic of listening through the Co-Active coaching model and an article from Harvard Business Review.

13: Some of My Favorite Things

This episode is a collection of some of my favorite things. It was inspired by some similar things I shared in a recent podcast interview on “How to be Awesome at your Job.”

12: Collaborative Meeting Minutes–Listener Questions and Feedback

This episode responds to listener questions and feedback from two previous episodes around how to collaboratively create meeting minutes and how a central mailing list repository for meeting minutes works.

10: What’s Your Criteria?

This episode explores the benefits for setting and agreeing to criteria before making decisions.

8: Avoiding the Dreaded Meeting Roll Call

In this episode I share a super easy way to take attendance at meetings–don’t! Instead have attendees take do their own check-in by adding themselves to the minutes (in a shared document). Then you can skip asking “who just joined?” twenty-five times.

7: How to Invite the Right People to Your Meetings

This episode examines the process I use and suggest to decide who to invite to specific meetings.

6: Status Meeting Morass

In this episode of the podcast my friend Charlie and I talk about the frustration of status meetings. Do you like status meetings?

3: Avoiding Energy Drain from Meetings

This episode is a conversation with my friend Charlie about how meetings drain our energy and what we can do to minimize it.

2: Dealing with Worry at Software Project Meetings

Here are my thoughts and experiences on how to deal with worries (without solutions) introduced at software project meetings.

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