Ever have a day that turned out like this?

I took a break at the home office to do something that would make my wife happy–fix the decaying plug on our vintage waffle iron.  Something felt funny as I prepared to cut the end off the cord, but being a recovered indecisive decision maker I plunged ahead.

Stripping the braided cord took a while, but I was pleased with what I had accomplished.  It wasn’t until I was about to show off the finished product that I realized I had a problem.  It’s one of those unexplainable things.  Everything made perfect sense at the time, but somewhere in the depths of my mind some wires got crossed.

I’d like to say the rest of my day turned out better, but things went down hill from there.  It got to the point where the safest, least destructive activity I could find was to sit down outside and watch the world go by.  I made a fire in the chiminea and took in the beauty of perfect summer night.

After five minutes I got bored and called a good friend.  When he asked how I was doing I joked that given how well my day had gone I’d be lucky not to burn the house down with fire I’d started in the chiminea.

Sometimes the best part of a bad day is tomorrow.  Sometimes it’s talking to a good friend.

Blog post title credit to U2.