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Leave it to a friend that you’ve been hounding to create his own blog, go and do just that and then share a productivity tip that you already know but have long stopped using. Charlie has a good post examining different Pomodoro timers.

Don’t miss the Gnome3 Pomodoro plugin that works great on the Fedora 19 desktop. Other “geek versions” for the command line enthusiast I’ve found are:

This technique has really redeemed some days recently that would have otherwise been write-offs by helping me to focus and feel like I had accomplished something at the end.

A good companion to the Pomodoro technique is the Momentum plugin for Google Chrome that jumps right in your fact every time you open a new tab in your web browser, which for me and my job is all day long.  The plugin page really helps you focus by asking you to set an overall goal for the day and a simple checklist.