Leaping Again and Again Until We Get it Right by Colleen Wainwright–The best path out of our gridlock is to “Leap Again” even if it is a leap into failure.  I love Colleen’s writing style and poetry.

Attention as a Currency and Noise by Chris Brogran–Time is limited.  Make sure you are spending it on the right things.  The right things can be deceiving.

Writing professionally: Do you really want to? by Joe Brockmeier–Interesting distinction between “needing” to write versus “wanting” to.

Tips For Stress Free Travel by Chris Guillebeau–If a little bit of money can solve your problem, it isn’t a big problem.  Thinking about how I could have made so many trips better by spending $20 for a cab or $5 for a bottle of water.

It’s Better Than TV by Seth Godin–I watch very little TV.  Another reason to add to Seth’s list is the amount of money saved each month by not paying for cable.  Maybe as much or as little as $1,000 a year.

Five Recent Resonations is a periodic post with five pieces of media that resonated with me.