I’m working through Chris Brogan’s Owner’s Path course, an exploration and challenge to put into practice what it means to really own your business.

One of the first exercises was to set a mission statement. I spent a fair amount of time four years ago hammering out a mission statement, but I never felt that it was complete. Perhaps the passing of time and new experiences gave me what I needed to fully zero in on it in a way that I’m completely happy with.

Like mission statements I’ve read that belong to other people, I don’t expect everyone to fully understand or “get” mine. That’s okay, the most important person my mission statement for is me. I’m sharing mine here to give more insight into who I am and to encourage any other people on a similar mission.

I would highly encourage you to craft a mission statement that reflects who you are and why you are here on this earth. It’s not an easy or quick exercise. It is one of those valuable activities that takes time and a lot of refinement. I’d be glad to help you craft your mission statement. There are several ways to go about it, but I think I’ve found an approach that works well. More on that in another post if people are interested (leave a comment or contact me).

Mission Statement

My mission statement is a clear way of explaining why I am here and what I am here to do. This is my WHY.

I bring order to chaos and clarity to confusion so that OWNERS can effectively communicate their truth and thrive.

“An owner is the kind of person that decides they are going to own their life. They own their choices they own their business and thus own their future.” – Chris Brogan keynote at Podcast Movement 2014

Further defining it means to be an Owner

I invest in Owners because an Owners’ first response has the spirit of, “I’ll try, I’ll find a way, or show me how to get started so I can do this.” Owners want to reach the next level. Owners don’t make excuses.

Non-Owners are people who:

  • See everything that is wrong or can’t work
  • Talk about all the reasons they can’t start, etc.
  • Don’t take responsibility for everything in their lives
  • Blame other things or people for their circumstances, lack of action or success

Not my mission

It is decidedly not my mission to convince non-owners to become owners.

Addressing My Mission

In my next post I’ll explore how I see myself addressing my mission and what happens if you aren’t clear on your mission to begin with.