Practical Tips for Dealing with Haters by Tim Ferris–Some good ideas and reminders for dealing with people that don’t agree with you or might not like you. I loved the tattoo stunt.

How Bad Habits Create Boring Stories by Donald Miller–I’ve often wondered this about coffee–if the euphoric, “I can conquer the world” caffeine high is really worth it. Could it be masking or covering up things I’m not dealing with or should take action on?

What Steve Jobs Learned in the Wilderness by Randall Stross–Failure is one of the keys to success.

Why I Returned My iPad by Peter Bregman–This article confirmed that it wasn’t the right time for me to buy an iPad and the last paragraph got me all misty-eyed.

Growing Interest in Farmer’s Markets by Cooking Up a Story–Since 1994 the number of farmer’s markets in the United States has grown every year.

Five Recent Resonations is a periodic post with five pieces of media that resonated with me.

Image by spamdangler via flickr used under a Creative Commons license.