Five Recent Resonations

How to Not Really Win An Argument by Donald Miller–I think the argumentative tone on the Fedora mailing lists has gotten better.  Here are some ideas to go further.

The Beauty of Damaged Goods by Carolyn Campbell– “Ah, this is the true work; building a courageous life; by daring to fail again; living the full truth you know to be.”

Broken Meetings (and how you can fix them) by Merlin Mann– “Every meeting needs a parent… Every bus needs a driver… Every meeting needs a purpose.”

5 Time Zone Tools by Simon Mackie–Always handy when you’re trying to convert to UTC or accommodate someone in another time zone.

Avoiding Momentum by Seth Godin–Sometimes it’s better not to start in case things work out too well.

Five Recent Resonations is a periodic post with five pieces of media that resonated with me.

Image by Quinn Dombrowski via flickr used under a Creative Commons license.

2 thoughts on “Five Recent Resonations

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  2. 1 and 3 I had seen before, the others I will have to check out. I have to thank you for enlightening me to Merlin Mann’s site. He has been added to my feed catcher for some time now. Great speaker.

    Donald Miller’s post on the other hand is wrong. As Merlin would say, he posted what he thinks not what he knows. And on that topic he is a noob in every sense of the word. It is ironic that he used a hitler pic in the post as hitler was famous(infamous) for using those techniques to win many an argument. He even wrote about it and how others could use these techniques to their advantage.
    The mailing lists are poor communications tools when you want to converse rather than announce. Wrong tool for the job. I refrain from posting on the lists as much as possible for just that reason. You end up having conversations with the peanut gallery. I have to admit I have been less than helpful myself once or twice on the lists.

    I did wonder if you would keep blogging since you will be changing rolls in the company. Glad to see that at least for now you are =).

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