This conversation with Michael Doyle (former colleague at Red Hat) explores what we found in Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday and reflect it back on ourselves.

Conversation Highlights & References

  • Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday
  • Relationship between our values and our ego
  • Is ego ever a positive thing?
  • Marie Forleo’s interview with Ryan Holiday
  • What does your ego look like to you/how does it show up?
  • Doing and working over being and having
  • Abstract: The Art of Design (Netflix series)
  • The Rocket Launch approach to getting out of bed
  • Blue Collar productivity as described by Steve Chandler
  • How ego appears as excuses when we fail
  • Setting ego aside to embrace new perspectives or ideas
  • Ego and it’s relationship to how much money you need
  • Pleasure versus happiness
  • How the little things add up to big success
  • Create your own definition of success
  • Your personal values
    • Write or print out a list
    • Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 how well you are honoring them
  • The Five Minute Journal by Intelligent Design
    • Useful way to measure success
    • Ongoing retrospectives
  • Ego aides us in overestimating our abilities and defeating discipline
  • What’s a small daily practice to help you build mastery?
  • Learning from failure instead of making excuses
  • Hate versus love

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  • Hallon by Christian Bjoerklund
  • Cold Funk by Kevin MacLeod
  • Photo supplied by Michael Doyle

All songs licensed under Creative Commons