Some of my recent posts have covered technology and human interaction.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the Public Isolation Project going on here in Portland through a post in Newspaper to New Media.  It was fascinating and fun to follow each day.

Check out the short clip from CNN (below) explaining the project.  Naturally Cristin’s comment about people being distracted by their phones caught my attention.

I thought this was in interesting insight from December 7th, a couple of days after the project ended.

Now that I am no longer multi-tasking various communications, my attention span is better. So much so that I have started reading a book and I don’t make as many mistakes typing and texting. I am still trying to only do one thing at once. I credit that as the reason my anxiety and stress have subsided.

I love the element of experimentation and courage Cristin took to do this very public project.  It’s one thing to do an academic study, another to live it for thirty days to experience it first hand in front of the world.  You can learn more about Cristin’s experiences and insights on her blog where she posted her observations each day.  Lots to be gleaned there.

The photo above is from the front page of the Public Isolation Project and is used with their written permission.