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120: Slowing Down Isn’t Stopping

Sometimes we’re afraid to slow down because we’re afraid we’ll fail. What if the opposite is true?

119: Here’s What I Know and Believe

Have you ever learned something you already knew? That happened recently with what’s written on my About page.

118: How I Get Organized When I’m Overwhelmed

The other day I was overwhelmed with all the things I needed to. This is how I got organized and less overwhelmed.

117: Plugging Time Leaks to Honor Commitments

You might find it easier to honor your commitments by eliminating the things that waste your time and energy. Here’s how to do it.

116: Commitment Not Motivation

When I’m looking to move something forward I’ve found better results by getting clear about what I’m committed to rather than searching for motivation.

115: Restarting Just Like You

Here’s how I got back up again after getting off track. I hope it helps you do the same.

70: Walking in Dead Man’s Forest with Michael Marvosh

This deep conversation with Michael Marvosh explores meaning and life lessons with prompts from nature and our own life experiences.

69: Do You Have a Time or Mission Problem?

Here’s a short riff on a section from Time Warrior by Steve Chandler about alleged “time management” problems.

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