I work remotely for Red Hat.  This means I do not work in an official “office.”  I’ve done this far longer than I ever thought possible and I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

The article titled Why Remote Workers Are More Engaged in HBR caught my attention.  It has an interesting conclusion too.

None of this is to say that working remotely is better than coming to the office. Or that virtual teams are better than traditional ones. On the contrary, I’m suggesting that they are exactly the same [in] this regard: Someone working in the same office with their leader needs just as much effective communication as someone located in a different office. It’s just that, ironically, they’re less likely to get it.

I’m going on seven years as a remote worker so I feel that I’ve lost my perspective in terms of whether or not this quote is true.  I do know that I work hard at, and am constantly on the lookout for tools and methods for being more effective with the teams I lead and as a person.  I suppose this approach is useful in an office too.