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In today’s world with so many ways to get information, is there any kind of return on investment to the companies creating and distributing phone books?

Some people were sad earlier this year when the Encyclopedia Britannica went out of print.  I can’t say I was one of them.  Growing up we had a set of encyclopedia’s that were ancient.  I rarely used them.  As I got older I always went to the public library for the latest sources.

Apparently most people only open them one time a year and a set costs $1,400.  There’s been lots of “news” about it, however this post gave the most interesting information about it.

What I want to know is, when will phone books die?  What a waste of time, paper, and money.  Mine get delivered to the front door and go right out the back door to the recycle bin.  I’ve signed up for a few “do not want phone book lists” and mostly don’t get them any more.

I was at a small retail story recently and in came a person to deliver new phone books.  The people at the front couldn’t figure out what to do with them.  I felt sorry for the person delivering them because I had a hard time envisioning anyone excitedly receiving them.

I suppose there is a segment of society that still uses and needs phone books, but I really wonder how many?

Photo credit: MIXY