I recently read the Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (affiliate link).  It’s a fast easy read that’s sparked lots of good ideas for me.

This is so true from page 179

You get about two hundred or more e-mails a day.  You have a few hundred friends and connections on Facebook some of whom post updates quite often.  Yu have a Twitter account where all the other people you follow post even more updates.  You read a bunch of blogs and online news sources.  You watch videos on YouTube, TED.com, and Hulu.
Be honest.  There’s so much going on that you’re even losing track of the people who matter most to you.  You’re skipping half of the newsletters you subscribe to.  You’re not keeping up with e-mail.  And yet at the same time you feel this hunger to consume information and learn more, for fear of being left behind or in hopes of finding that next big thing.

The solution?  You’ll have to read the rest of chapter 5 titled “Exposure.”