I watched this last night while doing the dishes. Only a few dishes got done as my wife and I stopped to listen. It’s a great presentation that made me want to live a better life.

I was disturbed by the actuarial stats Hyatt shared. If I understood what he shared correctly (around the 16 minute mark), using standard mortality tables and the 3,000 or so people gathered at WDS as a sample:

  • 2 people will be dead within 30 days
  • 24 people will be dead one year from now
  • 61 will be dead 5 years from now

I particularly appreciated the level at which Hyatt shared his personal struggles and failures. I’ve been a casual follower of him for a few years and for whatever reason just assumed (you know what that does) he’d had a smooth rise to the top. I’m amazed how many different successful ventures he’s launched since leaving his role as CEO at Thomas Nelson.