Wilson Miner’s talk When We Build has an excellent, thought provoking conclusion (at 37:07 mark) about the things we create and how they affect our world.  I thought it also tied in nicely with a post Chris Guillebeau did called The Audience is Listening where he notes:

I used to run several little businesses that produced a good income, but they were completely dependent on external factors such as Google rankings or the lack of competition in my space. It was fun while it lasted, but when efficiency entered the marketplace, I had to move on.

Looking back, I can now see that I didn’t really have a business; I was merely taking advantage of an opportunity. And most critically of all, I didn’t have an audience.

As I look for something small to launch this really hits on it.  I don’t want a business based on arbitrage or holes in the system.  There’s already enough crap on the internet.  I want to create something of value that makes the world a better place–something helpful to people.