This is an interview with Brad Feld by Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project, about creating space for being creative and getting things done.  I’ve been thinking about this and searching for a better way to structure my work day for greater effectiveness for a long time.

Feld doesn’t give any instant solutions or a five step program to implement, but he has a lot of good insights.  It was encouraging to know that a more effective day is possible and takes iteration.  I’m wondering if I could block off the first two hours each day, a few days a week to do creative, deeper level work in my new role.

Other interesting parts:

  • Strict routine versus variety
  • Being nomadic
  • Insights on “being present”
  • What to do when a situation bores you
  • Choices we have and make
  • Our network world versus previous hierarchical society
  • Exercise and running

I recommend signing up for Jonathan Field’s Good Life Project email list.  The people he interviews are interesting and the discussions are thought provoking.