Today we have something a little different.

In this episode I share one of my hacks for creating peace and quiet when I need to concentrate. I created my own ambient soundtracks of the Umpqua River from the Horseshoe Bend campground in southern Oregon (about 45 minutes from Crater Lake).


Tracks You Can Download

Each of these tracks are approximately 25 minutes long which make for good Pomodoros. Each one is a little different. I use them to block out other sounds when I’m trying to concentrate. Pick one you like and give it a try. Also useful for inducing peaceful sleep.

Right click on a link to save the file or play it below.  Headphones are recommended for the best experience.


Birds on the River

Bubbling Rapids

Mini Rapids

Cherokee Shuffle Recording

Here is the bluegrass recording I made at the Goldendale, Washington bluegrass festival in May 2016, with my Zoom H6. Tommi Poelstra plays the banjo.

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