Being your emails and blog posts off with the punch line.  Here’s why.

Most people write emails and blog posts that build a case, fact by fact and piece by piece, almost like a case presented to a jury.  There’s a false belief many of us hold that other people will read each block of compelling information we present and be persuaded by the conclusion at the end.

That’s where The U2 Method of High-Impact Writing comes in.  Leading with a bang is more important than ending with a bang.  It is more effective because it catches the reader’s attention from the start and pulls them in.

I cannot tell you how many times the last paragraph of a post has become the first.  In fact after a draft is complete one of the first questions I’ll ask myself is, “How can I start this post off with more force and clarity?”  I’ve lost count of how many times leading with the last paragraph or sentence accomplishes this.

If you want to write better emails or blog posts I highly recommend the three simple steps suggested in The U2 Method of High-Impact Writing.  And if you can’t remember all three just think of it like I do, “Make the punch line the start of  your post.”