I Don’t Feel Like it by Seth Godin–I recently had the same thought.  You can kill a couple of hours starting your day in search of the right feeling or you can force yourself to jump in and start working on something icky and let the feelings come later!

A Two Step Plan for Changing by Peter Bregman–A very interesting combination of topics: change, texting, death, and arguments.

Not For Me by Seth Godin–Another approach to saying “that will never work” to a new idea on a Fedora mailing list.

How to Manage Your Boss When Working Remotely by Dawn Foster–Great ideas for fostering better communication and managing a good connection with your boss when you are a remote worker.

Want to Get to Know Somebody? Understand Their Story by Donald Miller–It is so easy to assume you already know what you need or want to know about another person.  Usually there is far more there and you only have to ask to find out.

Five Recent Resonations is a periodic post with five pieces of media that resonated with me.