Stephani Roy McCallum is a leader who helps people have difficult conversations. In this conversation she navigates a deeper of understanding of what leadership really is and how to be an effective leader.

Conversation Highlights

  • Bigger Game Live put on by Rick Tamlyn
  • Leadership is needed to move forward after a conflict has been resolved
  • Taking complete ownership is necessary, however to be fully effective you have to go somewhere (lead)
  • “Leadership is an inside job” — Rick Tamlyn
  • Leadership is available to everyone
  • Leaders inspire others to take action towards positive change
  • To lead you must stand for something and lead from it
  • Personal leadership often starts with a “reckoning”
    • What do I stand for?
    • Who am I?
    • Questioning the status quo
  • Self-awareness is key to becoming a leader
  • Stephani’s own reckonings
    • Publicly
    • Personally
  • The different faces and forms of empathy
  • The path to courage and being brave is owning your fears, short-comings and inadequacies and being honest about them
  • The combination of bravery and vulnerability creates connection which then encourages others to take action
  • A vision isn’t anything unless it’s tied to the essence of who you are
  • The interplay between our thoughts and feelings and notion that each can originate in either direction
  • Leaders inspire and empower others to make positive change because the believe in something and lead from that
  • Stephani’s real world examples of leading courageous public conversations
  • How to have difficult personal conversations
  • The stories we tell ourselves and how unproductive they can be
    • The value of telling a new story
    • The power of combining a new story with choosing
  • A productive story is not necessarily the opposite of the unproductive version

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