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Focusing on What You Can Control

    This episode riffs on my thoughts from reading the book¬†Fire in My Eyes: An American Warrior’s Journey from Being Blinded on the Battlefield to Gold Medal Victory¬†(affiliate link) by Brad Snyder and Tom Sileo. I’m particularly struck by… Continue Reading →

Task Tracking That’s Not Overwhelming or Depressing (023)

This episode explores the different ways I manage my todo list items and along with techniques I’ve learned to avoid feeling overwhelmed by them and get more done.

How to Create and Publish Your Own Podcast (022)

This in-depth episode examines and explains the steps for creating and publishing your own podcast. It looks at the five key ingredients to creating a successful podcast and provides additional resources and recommendations.

What Do You Want? (021)

Are you as clear about what you want as you think? This episode explores some ways to get clearer.

How to Block Distracting Sounds So You Can Concentrate (020)

In this episode I share one of my hacks for creating quiet and peace when I need to concentrate. That hack is ambient water recordings I’ve made myself.

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