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Are Plugins Killing Your Blog?

I learned about a great tool called from a fantastic interview and webinar with Yoast. If you run a WordPress blog and want to get the most out of it you owe it to yourself to watch it and… Continue Reading →

Honest Marketing

A big focus of my new role in OpenShift is SEO.  Naturally this article and the drama around it caught my attention. I like how Bill Slawski defines the SEO practioner’s goal, Your objective should be to make it easier for… Continue Reading →

Are Social Media Buttons Worth It?

One factor determining your Google page rank is site speed.  The speed of your site can be impacted depending on how you integrate buttons Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. I’ve been running a really helpful speed profiling tool (free) at (on… Continue Reading →

Plesk Vulnerability

If your hosting provider runs Plesk, Sucuri has an important article on it.  I don’t know anything about Plesk, but plain text passwords would be my first reason not to use it.

How to Avoid A Compromised WordPress Site

Shared hosting can be great economically, particularly a provider that allows hosting of unlimited domains.  I used to think one of the beauties of shared hosting was also that you could have a bizillion sub-domains and WordPress instances for free…. Continue Reading →

How to Find and Install OpenShift rhc tools on Fedora

The other day I set out to write a post on getting a WordPress instance running on OpenShift.  I got sidelined in the confusion of determining the best place to install rhc tools from. I’m trying to be more deliberate… Continue Reading →

Would OpenShift be Better if it Cost Money?

I’d encourage anyone who wants to host an application for free and try things out to sign up for an OpenShift account.  There’s really nothing to lose. There’s an interesting thread on Hacker News about OpenShift with some people suggesting they’d… Continue Reading →

WordPress Browser Cache Clearing

I have no technical backing for this suggestion except that I’ve seen it work on two different operating systems with the Google Chrome web browser. Accessing my self-hosted WordPress blog to add posts and do site maintenance, page loads were taking… Continue Reading →

Community At Community Conferences

I attended WordCamp Portland 2010, a conference about blogging and WordPress. There were two sessions tracks and an unconference track.  At a couple of the session times, none of the track offerings looked interesting, but I picked one anyway.  Without… Continue Reading →

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