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Create Tools & Sites When You Need Them

A while back I was cleaning up a bunch of old book marks for my web browser and came across a bunch of wiki pages, etherpad pages, ticketing systems, etc. that were barely if never used. It’s tempting as a… Continue Reading →

Open Source Scheduling and Project Management Tools

I receive occasional queries for good open source project management and scheduling tools.  As you probably know by now, our scheduling tool of choice for Fedora is TaskJuggler.  TaskJuggler provides a great benefit to Fedora in its flexibility as a… Continue Reading →

Mind Mapping With VUE

While searching for a solution to a problem with XMind, I came across this forum post mentioning VUE. I haven’t spent very much time with VUE, but it appears to be a very robust and full featured mind mapping tool. … Continue Reading →

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